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Support Animal Rights!

I know you guys don't care about my crazy hippy activism stuff but it's very important to me. I got PETA'S winter addition of Animal Times, and I'd really like you to read this! Even if you aren't vegetarian, it's important that you're at least ignorant, or oblivious to these kind of things!

Simon from American Idol is a big supporter of Animal Rights. Think about this: If you wouldn't wear your dog, please don't wear any fur!

The government sponsors horrible tests on poor animals. The American Chemistry Council plans to kill 675 animals in their tests (using HIGHLY corrosive acid.. OW) The Pine Chemical Association killed at least 2,530 animals to test ROSINS used in CHEWING GUM, and BEVERAGES.. (YOUR gum and drinks) The American Chemistry Council killed 2,625 animals to RETEST rosin oils. (The council did the tests even after saying that the previous results were not relevant to humans!) The American Petroleum Institute ignored extensive human data and killed 795 animals to retest several soot-like materials. Akzo Nobel killed 675 animals to retest a phosphate. Reilly Industries is planning to kill 800 animals to test something that is already known to be toxic, flammable, and corrosive! PLEASEEEEE tell these awful big corporations to quit picking on small animals. IAMS dog food is also a company that kills their cats and dogs when testing their animal food!
There are DOGS used to test surgical razors. These poor baby mice are getting pointy needles shoved down their throat, and veryyyyy painful, and fatal acids are injected into them. PLEASE write to the following companies and tell them you disapprove of the barbaric things they're doing!

Jeffrey Immelt, Chair and CEO of General Electric Company
3135 Easton Tpke.
Fairfield, CT 06828
or email at

AND: There are companies in MICHIGAN (where we live) doing this! Write!
William Stavropoulos, Chair
Dow Chemical Company
2030 Dow Ctr.
Midland, MI 48642
or email at

GO to

*Going vegetarian decreases the chance of getting Alzheimer's by 76%*

When I first read this article in the PETA Animal Times I started crying. The pictures are horrifying! The story is awful! Pet Shops like PETCO sell animals that come from deplorable breeding mills. An undercover investigator documented that at PETCO guinea pigs had URI's (upper respiratory infections), rates had corona virus, rabbits with uncontrolled diarrhead, hamsters had deadly wettail infection, and other animals suffered injuries from fights in their cages because there wasn't enough space for all of them, they were overcrowded, rats were drowned, and hamsters and gerbils had their limbs caught in glue traps! This is so disturbing. When this was brought to the attention of Petco, they said "well, it sometimes happens", (when talking about 16 rats that drowned when their cages were flooded). Animals were piled on top of each other on shoebox like containers, and sick animals were hidden from clients and the US Department of Agriculture. Dead rabbits and guinea pigs were thrown in the trash, and others were left to die after animals were being drowned because of flooding by the automatic watering system. Sick animals were GASSED inside plastic bags used to ship live fish. More than 400 rats were killed in 1 afternoon, and they had to be gasses 2 times before they died. The investigator reported " ___ (name)inflated garbage bags with carbon dioxide, placed the guinea pig inside, tied a knot in the bag, then threw the bag holding the animal into the trash without making sure the animal was dead". I have a guinea pig named Bandit at home and I know that if someone ever did that to MY guinea pig, I would be just as outraged as I am by hearing this information! In this article there are pictures of dead rats, rats and mice piled on top of each other, a picture of an exhausted rat found still swimming and trying to survive the flood waters, overcrowded ferrets climbing on each other, baby rabbits dead, covered in their poop, and sick rats gassed in plastic bags. Looking at those images makes me want to cry. Those animals did not ask to be put under those conditions. Please tell Petco to stop selling animals. They have no right to, the way they treat them! Write to:

James Myers, CEO
Brian K. Devine, Executive Chris
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, CA 92121

also, email Dr. Elizabeth Goldentyer, the USDA prosexute NAPD at

Animals are not ours to wear! Would you wear your dog or cat? Don't wear sheep!
Is that where YOUR wool comes from?!
Is this where your SNEAKERS come from?!
Is this the hamburger you had for dinner?!
Is this where your morning bacon is from?!
Maybe those are the nuggets you had the other day...
Don't chain your dog up outside! Bring them in
So you wanna go to the zoo??

PLEASE speak for those that cannot speak. I know you wouldn't want this to happen to you, so please don't let it happen to those poor animals.
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