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i had commented this on someone else's post, but i wanted to open it for response... ^^;;

i started crying when amanda got cut. total shock.
i thought eva was gone for sure. because it's TOP MODEL, ya know? not miss congeniality. and not just a model. a HIGH fashion model. which is AMANDA. augh. anyway, i know everyone's gonna disagree. cause Eva's model of the week every week and everyone loves her. i love her too, but i don't think she should have won.

when they switched from amanda's to yaya's picture - didn't yaya's picture look way worse? her face was tilted to the side and down.
and everyone was freaking out like omg yaya it's so gorgeous. what the hell? didn't you just see amanda's picture? amanda's face was like, made out of plastic, it was so freakin perfect.

and tyra said that "one of you can pull it together today" or something like that. how is high fashion easier to pull together than warmth. didn't you see the damn picture? you were just saying how warm and approachable she looks! augh. *FUMES*

amanda = shandi = skinny, blonde, high fashion
mercedes = eva = tomboy, street smarts, print model
yaya = yoana = elegant, smart, kinda unapproachable

so i was pissed to get stabbed again. (i liked shandi, too.) and then i was sure yaya would win. but at least that didn't match up. (whew.)

although. i must confess. when they showed Eva's babay pics. and she said "i'm a covergirl!" and then gasped, realizing she IS a covergirl for real, .......i cried.
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